NOTD- OPI Lincoln Park After Dark DUPE!

Hi dolls!

I have posted about this before but I've found a dupe for OPI's very famous Lincoln Park After Dark! But this time I'm going to be actually showing you the comparision- see for yourself! =]

OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark
Rimmel's Deliciously Dark
To be honest it does really depend on the picture, when it's taken in natural light, both colours look lighter (like a very dark plum). However when there's no light my nails look BLACK. Seriously, these polishes are not for the faint hearted!!

Here's a pic of my nails (Rimmel's Deliciously Dark) taken in artificial light:
*Excuse the crappy quality please!*
As you can see, in artificial light it's a lot lighter (more wearable).

Is it just me that thinks that nail polish colours such as black aren't very wearable?


  1. I think black is very wearable, preferably in fall/winter. Personal preference is the determining factor, I think.

    I have been wanting LPAD for about a year and have owned Rimmel's Deliciously Dark just as long and have never known of this dupe. Thanks!

  2. i like this color,
    i totally agree with A polished touch , it's wearable .

    so yea :)

  3. Hiii Rosh.. its been long time i read u .. it seems i missed many tips at ur this cuty blog.. will follow now on..

    Hw r u doing otherwise? everything fine..?

    it would be nice to have u back at my blog..


  4. love the color!!!

  5. I own the OPI one and I love it <3
    Your nails are sooo pretty!

  6. @Jess- Same here! =)
    @Nancy- Try the Rimmel one too, it's awesome :D


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