Some Really Pretty Eyeshadows!

Hey there! Gosh it's been ages hasn't it!

The other day I received some eyeshadows from Frontcover Cosmetics. I got 4 eyeshadows and a compact, which is £15- quite reasonable actually! You just put the eyeshadows you choose in the compact and wahla, your own custom made palette!

I chose (l-r) Azimuth, Twinkling Gold, Baked Bronze and Bougainvillea. All really pretty shades!

Here's a picture of the palette and its contents (quite small but fits all 4 of the eyeshadows snugly)

It comes with an actual eyeshadow brush rather than those rubbish sponge tip applicators.Yay! It's double sided, one side is for lid colour and the other is for crease colour (well that's what I use it for anyway!) There's a mirror too, very handy.

Here are swatches of the four shades (l-r): Azimuth, Twinkling Gold, Baked Bronze and Bougainvillea.

I have to say that they do need a few layers to reach their full potential, but those few extra minutes can make a big difference in the vibrancy of the colour.
There's a total of 25 shades to choose from which means there are thousands of combinations.

You can buy Frontcover eyeshadows (and the rest of their product line) here.
Which shade is your favourite?
Disclaimer: I am not afilliated with Frontcover Cosmetics. The products were given to me for review purposes. My opinions are not influenced in anyway and I am not being paid by showing these products.


  1. These eyeshadows look really good- I'm gonna buy them probably!! nice blog btw :D

  2. These eyeshadows are really pretty :)

  3. @Makeup lover- Yes you should! Thank you! =]
    @Miss L- Yep! Thanks for commenting! :)


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