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NOTD- at the salon!

Hello everyone.

The other day, I got my nails done professionally. I chose a really bright red colour which is actually the first time I've ever worn that sort of colour (never worn red or orange before).

What do you think? I personally quite like it. 
Another pic:

However, I do not think that there was much point getting my nails done at the salon, it's a bit of a waste of money when I can probably do the same job at home. 

My First Giveaway Winner and 100 Follower Giveaway Announcement

Aloha! *I'm in the summery mood today :P*

So I've counted up all my entries and had 51 in total! I counted them by hand, here's the proof  :S

My hand hurts. Just kidding, I don't mind doing that for my beautiful followers :)

Anyway the random number from was...

The winner is ohyouprettythings. Congrats! I have emailed you, please check your emails. 
If you didn't win this time, do not unfollow as if you do, you will not be allowed to enter any of my future giveaways, including one which is up very shortly :)
So once I reach 100 followers there will be another giveaway, so *fingers crossed* hopefully that will be soon! :)

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark dupe!


I've been eyeing up one of OPI's most famous nail polishes for a while now- Lincoln Park After Dark. Here's a pic of it:
But come on, it's quite expensive for a nail polish. So I was really excited when I saw the nail polish below- Rimmel's Deliciously Dark! It's so much cheaper and is practically the same colour, don't you think?
I can't do swatches because I don't own the OPI one, but from the looks of things they look pretty much alike! I also checked on the internet and it seems like the Rimmel one is an exact dupe.
Question of the day: What's your favourite nail polish colour?  Comment below with your answers, I'd love to hear what colours you like to wear on your nails xD