Creating an Outfit from my Favourite Clothes!

Hey! I've found some pieces of clothing which I really like. I thought I'll make it into an outfit and show you :)

Blue Pleated Bow Belted Playsuit
This actually isn't a dress, it's a playsuit :) I hate dresses, they're so annoying!

Grey (Grey) Canvas Pump Wedge | 216207904 | New Look
New Look
I wouldn't actually wear these in public... well maybe I would. They're so cool xD 
For a less crazy brave look, I would wear these:
Aah, that's more like it. <sighs with relief>
Image 1 of ASOS Grey Feather Clutch
This clutch is soooo cute- I just hope they're not real feathers :o

For this outfit, I'd probably do my hair really laid back, something like loose waves :)
Makeup wise, well, not much. Subtle is key!

Anyway, let me know which clothing item you liked the most. Mine is the clutch!
EDIT: This post previously got deleted, and so did the comments. The post has reappeared but the comments are lost :( Hopefully they'll come back, but new comments WILL show up so please comment! xD


  1. I must say I love the shoes with high heels ^^
    Maybe, if the front part of the shoe wasn't so long and thin, it would even be perfect!

  2. love the playsuit, and what are you talking about you could totally rock the wedges in public, especially with that outfit would be amazing!! xxxx

  3. That playsuit is so adorable! What a lovely summery look xx

  4. Hello Lovely,

    I thought i would just let you know i have just given you an award. Please go check it out.

    Lots of love


  5. @Jenny- Ohh yes I know! :)
    @Holly- Thank you so much Holly! It's my first award xD

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