Barry M Nail Paints Review!

Aah, Barry M Nail Paints. They are awesome! I have them in:

  • Berry Ice Cream
Barry M Nail Paints Berry Ice Cream

  • Mint Green
Barry M Nail Paints Mint Green

  • Turquoise
Barry M Nail Paints Turquoise

I also have an Instant Nail Effects in Black, review here
And I have a limited edition glittery navy colour and a limited edition pink.

I don't have too many actually, I used to buy different brands. BUT, now that I've found these, I won't be switching back to any of my more expensive nail polishes which are nowhere near as good as these. These last, without chipping, for a week. That is loooooooong for a nail polish, trust me.

My favourite is Turquoise, it looks gorgeous on my tanned skin and also my friend's pale skin. I'm not sure how it looks on dark skin, but I'm pretty sure it would look good too.


  • Cheap
  •  Long lasting
  • Beautiful colours!
  • Some of the nail paints are really sheer and need 3 coats to get a decent colour.

However, if anyone knows any other good nail polishes, let me know please! I'm a nail polishaholic xD



  1. I have some Barry M but in Mint green and I think Emerald green too? They were by far the best green shades but I've always had trouble with them taking ages to dry! Still, I've been tempted by that berry shade in the past because I really need a nice lilac!

    Some of the MUA nail polishes are really lovely and I've found the formula to be low hassle when applying/drying. They have a lovely shade of sparkly navy that's well worth checking out. They're great for £1 although I always end up chipping *every* polish I use by any brand... My own clumsy fault!

    And there's a nice example of a beautyuk polish. Gorgeous!

  2. i love the mint green one!


  3. @Jenny- I tend to chip polish too (well, unless I'm being really, really careful!) Thank you for the polish recommendation :)
    @D- Me too! It's so pretty :)

  4. These colors are so cute, i would definitely want to try out more colors by Barry M, i only have one :)

    Xoxo Christine

  5. @Christine Iversen- Yep I would try more out if I were you! But still look out for better brands, I'm sure there are many :)

  6. Hi Rosh! Thanks for your comments on my blog, and I'm sorry, I thought I was already following you!

    I love Barry M nail polishes and I'm glad I got the chance to try some as they are not available here in Canada (yet), they are actually my favorite drugstore nail polishes. I LOVE Mushroom (=

  7. @G A B Y- Thanks! I love Mushroom too, but haven't got it yet because I'm not sure if it would suit me or not. I might actually pick it up sometime and give it a go :)

  8. I've been meaning to try Barry M Nail Paints, glad to hear they don't chip easily (always seems to happen to me). China Glaze has lots of gorgeous colours and they seem to be of really good quality too, my favourite so far is Raspberry Festival.


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