Quick, Easy School/Work Hairstyles

Hi, today I am going to give you some ideas of school hairstyles/work hairstyles :)

 Messy Bun
Image source
This is really quick, suitable for mid-long hair and looks great :)
1. Leaving out bangs/fringe and any shorter hair at the front, grasp hair in a high ponytail.
2. Wrap a hair elastic around the ponytail as many times as possible and on the last turn loop it half-way. This will form a bun.
3. Tug at the bun from both sides and manipulate it to your liking (make it as messy as you like!)

High Ponytail with quiff/poof/bump
Image source
This hairstyle looks really sophisticated and chic!
1. Gather a section of hair at the front and tease/backcomb it (brush towards the roots to create volume).
2. Bring the backcombed area back, twist it and push it up to form a quiff. Secure with bobby pins.
3. Now that you have a quiff, tip your head upside down and secure hair in a high ponytail.

These are just a couple of easy ideas for you- request more hairstyles if you would like!


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