Maybelline Dream Matte Powder Review

This is the powder I am reviewing today:
Maybelline Dream Mousse Powder Golden Sand
Image source
I have it in the colour Golden Sand, which is the colour above.
This powder is actually kind of good! It's a bit more expensive than other powders, but ^.^ oh well .
I don't use the provided powder puff as it is RUBBISH. I use a powder brush instead :)


  • Doesn't get cakey if you apply too much
  • Light, doesn't feel like you're wearing makeup
  • Keeps your face shine/oil free for a couple of hours
  • The packaging is annoying! It's so complicated :O
  • The provided powder puff is not good, but you can always use a brush instead
  • After a couple of hours it wears off and your face gets oily again
  • Not a lot of product provided!
So overall it's a good powder. Not amazing... not terrible. As long as you reapply every couple of hours and use a powder brush it's nice. However I am on the look out for a better one, let me know if you know any good powders :)


  1. try the clinique blended face powder, comes with a brush too :)) followed ur blog as well


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