5 Minute Makeup

Hey there!
I have a really simple makeup look for you today, it's quick and subtle enough for school, work, college, or anywhere really :)

1. After cleansing and moisturising (very important!) apply a face primer. I use No7 Shine Free Primer.
Image source

2. Apply concealer to blemishes and under-eye circles. I use Scarlett & Crimson Double Trouble Concealer and Gel in Medium.
Scarlett & Crimson Double Trouble Concealer and Gel Medium
Image source
3. Apply powder to set your face makeup. I use Maybelline Dream Matte Powder.
Dream Matte® Powder - Pack Shot
Image source
4. Apply a tinted lipbalm. I use Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips.
Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy 20g
Image source
And that's it! This is the makeup I wear everyday to school, although we aren't allowed to wear makeup anymore :o
Feel free to add some eyeliner, I would but we're not allowed to wear makeup anymore to school (well, we are allowed to wear foundation to cover spots- I don't wear it though), and eyeliner would be too obvious.


  1. It sucks that some school forbid makeup, so stupid! At least yours is subtle. My 5 minute makeup includes mascara and lipbalm, and tadaah!

  2. @G A B Y- I don't see why schools ban makeup! I mean, like at least eyeliner should be allowed xD Luckily, mascara is not essential for me :)


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